Peleos Tormander



Born and raised in Baldur’s Gate, Peleos was only a boy when his father was elected to a position in the city government. His mother, a human, taught him his first great lesson in those early years: “People will not always accept you as you are, but you must do so for them. This is the only way to become a better person.” It was fortunate for the child to have been raised in a town so openly accepting of Tiefling residents. Had it been anywhere else he would have been an outcast, possibly finding a different path in life.

At the age of 17 he was accepted into the Magic Academy and began an intense study of the arcane arts. His father’s good friend, Djaris, was a warlock of some reputation and often taught Peleos in private. The knowledge proved quite helpful, though a bit off key from the strict wizard lessons. However, unlike his classmates he seemed unable to stay satisfied with the knowledge. Then one day he saw a match at the local arena for the first time. Two combatants locked swords with great skill and Peleos heard them singing with every swing. He felt a connection to the art he had never felt before. Eager to learn such skills he went back to the Academy where he learned of a course for select applicants. There swordmages were trained in the ways of fusing the arcane with the martial to form one singular, deadly force.

After 7 years of intense study and training, Peleos graduated the Academy and prepared to seek his fortune. However, the sudden illness of his father kept him home. He became the messenger for his father to the city council and learned much about the workings of a city. His father passed away a year later and his mother, unable to live alone, slipped in a dark depression. He decided to remain in Baldur’s Gate until she no longer needed him, and after 4 years of heartbreaking loneliness she too passed onto the next world. Now, with only his close friends and mentors Djaris and the genasi warlord Sardis, Peleos sets out to seek his destiny.

Peleos Tormander

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